Palta Rellena  (Vegetable Stuffed  Avocado)

3 avocados
2 cups of cooked mixed vegetables (carrots, string beans, green peas)
1 cup mayonnaise
Salt and pepper.
Garnish with: 1 sliced egg, lettuce, dash of catsup.

Cook vegetables “al dente” cool and reserve.  Chop carrots and string beans into very small pieces.     

In a bowl combine carrots, string beans, green peas, mayonnaise and mix well.

Cut avocados lengthwise and peel. Add salt and pepper and fill each avocado with the mixture.   Place lettuce around platter, on top goes stuffed avocado and garnish with slice of egg and a dash of catsup.

Note: If you want you can add : shredded chicken, or crabmeat or shrimp

**This recipe was submitted to Glen's Place by Celeste Florez from Lima, Peru. (Photo)

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