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In another of these pages I wrote All About UP. Another word with many and varied uses is TURN. Here are some ways we use turn.

We turn down the covers, turn out the lights, then turn in for the night.

We turn in a proposal then someone may turn it down.

We turn off the water but we may also turn off the road.

Tables turn and so does the tide.

If we get bored, we turn off the speaker or the speaker may turn off the audience..

We turn out for a rally but we also turn our toes.

We turn out products as a product of our labor.

We turn over in bed or we turn over a new leaf.

A car engine turns over when it starts.

We turn over merchandise if we sell a lot so we can turn a profit.

We turn to friends when we need advice.

If we interrupt we are out of turn.
Centuries turn every 100 years.

Water can turn to ice and ice can turn to water.

Hair turns gray. We sometimes turn a deaf ear to others.

Leaves turn in autumn each year.

We turn the soil to loosen it. We sometimes talk about turning on a dime.

Milk turns sour if it is not kept cool. Sour milk may turn your stomach.

Kids may turn a somersault. Sometimes they turn their ankle.

A room is sometimes turned upside down.

We turn left or right, and sometimes we turn around.

We may turn to religion, or we may turn from one political party to another.

If we can't all do something at the same time, we take turns.

I must now turn to another subject before I turn off my readers.
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