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About Glen's PlaceAbout Glen's PlaceAbout Glen's Place
About Glen's Place
About Glen's Place

Glen's Place began as a hobby after I retired from teaching in 1999. Initially, it was called Glen's Oasis and consisted mainly of recipes, since cooking is one of my other hobbies. At the time, I had no knowledge about web site building. I started out using the online sitebuilder from Homestead when server space was "free". As Homestead's sitebuilder evolved, along with an escalated price, I studied and learned more about web design. The good people at the Homestead Members Forum provided great help and inspiration.

A couple of years later, after I figured out what I was doing, I registered the domain name for glensplace.com. The site expanded. It became more than just a recipe site. Random thoughts, redneck jokes, and quotations appeared. Then more. I got a digital camera and became fascinated with digital photography. That came at a time when we started traveling more since, in retirement, we had plenty of free time. Digital photography and web pages seemed to go together. What a way to share photos with family, friends, and the world! Thus, this web site evolved into what it is today.
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About Glen's Place
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